In the 21st century “credit cards” are becoming more and more popular and are used all over the world. But there is only one condition from which you can benefit: the use of the grace period without overpayment of interest to the bank. To find the most profitable one, you need to familiarize yourself with the offers of different banks.
1. Bank “Otkrytie”. The credit limit is 500,000 rubles.
The period in which the benefits are provided is 120 days. Payments are 3 – 5% of the total debt. The service is free, one payment is taken during the year and it is 200 rubles. Further, if the costs from the card amounted to 5,000 or more thousand rubles, this money will be returned to the account in two months.
It is possible to withdraw funds from a credit card “120 days without interest” without commission at all ATMs. Cashback is not provided for this card.
2. Tinkoff Platinum. The loan limit is RUB 300,000 thousand.
The period for which benefits are provided on the card for all costs is 55 days. Also, along with this, there is a profitable installment plan of up to 12 months for all partners of the bank. Tinkoff makes it possible to repay loans from other banks, to refinance within 120 days. Cashback is 1% of the cost of purchases with the card, if you use the offer provided by the bank, you can get a total cashback of up to 30%. It is impossible to withdraw money from this card. Insurance coverage is also levied, the amount of which will be 0.89% of the total debt. To receive a card, you need to call the bank, and it will be delivered whenever and wherever it is convenient.
3. Halva. Credit limit 350,000 thousand rubles.
“Halva” is one of the most popular installment cards. The difference between an installment card and other credit cards is that it can only be paid at partner retail outlets, which include a large list of services and goods. The interest-free period can be up to 18 months. Provided that there are no delays in payments. If you use the card as a debit card, then 6% cashback becomes available. You do not need to pay for the service of the card. Delivery is possible to all regions of the country.
4. Alpha – bank. Credit limit 1,000,000 rubles.
Advantage – the interest-free period is 100 days. You can withdraw cash up to 50,000 rubles per month, if you exceed the limit, a 3.9% commission is charged. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 300,000 rubles. There is no cashback on the card. The only option for income from the bank is to withdraw money from the card and put it into an account for accumulation in the bank. A loan in another bank can be made in one payment without commission.